our mission


to provide the Helena community with wholesome, natural bread that is both delicious and healthy

to find new ways of working with whole grains in our breads and pastries

to support Montana’s food economy by sourcing locally and seasonally

to lead by example, empowering others to make food choices that are better for the individual and the health of the community


about the bakers


Kate and Ian met in college in Missoula - a student of art and a student of music. Both loved food, and both loved to cook. This combined with a love of reading led to an interest in the origin of food. After getting married in 2013, they traveled East to explore the country and learn about small farming.

In Western Maryland they spent time working at several farms and farm-to-table restaurants. Both got their hands dirty, Ian mostly in the field or the barn, and Kate mostly in the kitchen, cooking and baking for the farm crew. They learned about fermentation and after switching to the sourdough method of baking, have never looked back.

After returning to Kate’s home town of Helena, they started up a small market garden and built a wood-fired pizza oven. Over the past few years they have had a booth at the farmers market, but what began as Fox Valley Farm has evolved into Sunflower Bakery.

Scroll through the pictures below to see our progress! We’ve come a long way, but are excited to see what the future holds.